Total Carp | Complete Guide To Carp Rigs Complete Guide To Carp Rigs From the writers of Total Carp and Advanced Carp Fishing magazines, the Complete Guide To Carp Rigs brings you the very best rig-related features from Total Carp – the UK’s biggest-selling carp fishing magazine. As well as the current trends for chod and zig rigs, including a fascinating read with Dave Lane, who looks back on a hugely successful career with just one regret – that he didn’t discover and use zigs earlier – there are loads more presentations laid out for you to try, plus much, much more, all packed into 116 pages! The UK’s top carp anglers – including Jim Shelley, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Tom Maker, Kev Hewitt, Iain Macmillan, Dave Lane, Ian Chillcott, Steve Falco, and Dave Levy – reveal their favourite rigs and how to use them to catch more, and bigger, carp. This bookazine is no longer available in print and can only be downloaded in digital format!